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Vivvi Daycare – Tribecal

Vivvi Daycare – Tribecal is located in New York City. While the majority of their enrollment is comprised of employer-sponsored programs, about a quarter of their spots are open to the general public. If you’re interested in enrolling your child, you can request a campus tour or an open house. Then, you can meet the staff and tour the facility. This will give you a better idea of what to expect from a day at Vivvi.

Vivvi Daycare

While Vivvi caters mostly to employer-sponsored child care in New York City, a quarter of the school’s enrollment slots are available to the general public. Interested parents can schedule a campus tour or open house to learn more about the program. The school offers flexible drop-off and pick-up hours for both infants and preschoolers, and is open 250 days a year. The school also encourages active participation by parents.

The academic mission of Vivvi Daycare is to lay a strong foundation for the children’s future through inquiry-based curriculum. Teachers at Vivvi will be paid well above the average and have ownership in the company. Teachers at Vivvi will incorporate various subjects and make learning fun all day long. Vivvi’s teachers are trained to apply these theories and incorporate them into the curriculum. Aside from that, they will use various teaching methods to reach students of different ages and levels.

Besides offering a variety of educational options for working parents, Vivvi also offers virtual tutoring, child care and financial reimbursement. With its comprehensive child care platform, Vivvi is helping employers cater to the needs of working parents and advancing a family-inclusive future. To support this endeavor, Vivvi recently announced $15 million in Series B funding. This funding will enable the company to grow its nationwide In-Home and On-Site programs, as well as expand its Care Cash program.

The Vivvi Daycare – Tribeco is a pioneer in the childcare field. The flagship location in Lower Manhattan welcomes children from six weeks to five years old. With an interactive environment and visual simplicity, the facility’s design engages young learners. While there are a few amenities in this innovative daycare, the ambiance is welcoming and evocative for children. The staff at Vivvi Daycare – Tribeca strives to meet parents’ expectations while providing excellent childcare for their children.

Vivvi’s academic mission

Vivvi Daycare is a premier childcare and early learning provider that partners with employers of all sizes to provide quality child care and early learning services. Its unique model makes exceptional care and backup care more affordable and accessible for working parents. With beautiful campuses, flexible offerings, and well-trained, passionate teachers, Vivvi provides parents with peace of mind and a powerful recruiting tool. Regardless of the size of your organization, partnering with Vivvi is a powerful recruitment tool and boosts productivity for your business.

The academic mission of Vivvi Daycare focuses on creating a strong foundation for children’s futures. To do so, the daycare will implement an inquiry-based curriculum and borrow from popular educational systems and theories. Teachers will also have a stake in the company and receive above-average compensation. They will use various subject-areas in a fun way to engage children in learning all day. Its teachers are certified to teach in both state and federal classrooms.

Providing exceptional child care and early learning to working families is one of Vivvi’s most important missions. Through these partnerships, Vivvi provides affordable, high-quality child care and education to families and helps employers improve their hiring and retention rates. They also offer other benefits to working families through their employer partners. The academic mission of Vivvi Daycare goes beyond the academic aspect of childcare. The company is committed to helping working parents maintain a balanced work life, while providing a child-friendly environment.

In addition to its innovative curriculum, Vivvi’s educators are fully certified and bonded. They will create engaging learning experiences for children, while preparing nutritious meals. The educators at Vivvi are also trained and certified to teach preschool level education as well as structured after-school activities for older children. Moreover, Vivvi’s curriculum is inspired by the natural curiosity of each child, and strict safety protocols are followed to ensure the safety of every child.

Flexible drop-off and pick-up times

Vivvi is a childcare center that provides early learning and child care services to employers of all sizes, allowing them to provide backup care and exceptional child care at an affordable rate. Vivvi offers beautiful campuses, flexible offerings, and well-trained, passionate teachers. Their mission is to provide parents with peace of mind while offering employers a highly effective recruitment tool and increased productivity.

Vivvi is an innovative childcare center that blends child care, a learning center, and family activities. The facility is open seven days a week, making it convenient for both parents and employers. They accept children ages six weeks and five years old and operate from seven in the morning until seven in the evening. Parents can pick their children up as early as 6 a.m. and drop-off and pick-up times can be flexible as well.

Vivvi Daycare’s flexible drop-off and pick-up times are especially beneficial to working parents. It provides resources for working parents, including video-conferencing with teachers and 1-on-one parent support. Besides flexible drop-off and pick-up times, Vivvi has a flexible schedule that will work with any schedule. They also offer free online courses for parents, allowing them to learn about the program and its curriculum.

Vivvi’s doors will open again to parents in early August. Their health and safety plan was developed with guidance from the CDC and DOH and in partnership with NYP Hospital Network. More details on this program will be discussed during a webinar. And in the meantime, parents can sign up for our webinar to learn more about how we can keep our children safe and healthy.


Vivvi, an employer-sponsored child care facility in Tribeca, offers near-site, full-time, and back-up childcare services to corporations in the area. Their innovative approach to childcare services allows them to offer the most comprehensive vision of today’s working families, while leveraging government subsidies to lower employer costs by nearly seventy-five percent. To learn more about the company, contact a representative today!

During the interview process, Marcus met with the founders of Vivvi. He convinced them to extend their hours to 2 a.m. in order to meet the needs of restaurant workers. In return, he agreed to pay $50 per day, the market rate for childcare in NYC is $125-200 per day. The employee-sponsored childcare option will allow Marcus employees to choose the time they would like to send their children to Vivvi.

EarlyLearn partnership

Partnering with Vivvi makes child care and early learning more affordable and accessible for employers of all sizes. Vivvi’s flexible offerings and beautiful campuses provide parents with peace of mind while providing a competitive recruiting tool and enhanced productivity. Employers can benefit from their child care and early learning programs while keeping their employees healthy and productive. EarlyLearn is a proud partner of Vivvi Daycare.

Vivvi’s new location boasts seven-hundred square feet of space, close to the Jackie Robinson Museum. The school also offers hard-hat tours of its new facility, which includes a new app and shoe-free zones. The startup is now searching for a second location in Tribeca. And it’s not the only startup that is making waves in the city.

Founded in 2007, Vivvi offers a comprehensive child care and early learning platform. They also offer virtual tutoring and financial reimbursement for employers. Through their unique combination of On-Site and In-Home child care options, Vivvi aims to solve the child care crisis and catalyze a more family-inclusive future of work. To help them meet increasing employer demand, Vivvi has recently secured $15 million in Series B funding. It will use this money to expand its On-Site program nationwide and roll out its Care Cash program.