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University Children’s Center

The University Children’s Center is a licensed child care center on the HSU campus. It is accredited by NAEYC and subsidized by the Dependent Care Reimbursement Program. University employees are entitled to up to $5,000 per year pre-tax for child care. In addition, the children’s center hires student assistants as “teachers in training.”

HSU Children’s Center is accredited by NAEYC

The HSU Children’s Center is currently under renovation to create a new space for a much larger center. The redesign will include new playgrounds with dynamic crawling textures and more space for infant care. The staff is currently developing ideas for the new design, which will be incorporated into the new facility later this semester. The project is funded by an $8.6 million grant awarded to HSU for the redesign of its children’s services. The university and the Associated Student Body fund many of the Children’s Center’s programs.

The HSU Children’s Center is a grant-funded child development program that offers quality child care for Humboldt State University students. It employs approximately 65 student employees and serves about 100 families during the academic year, and 60 families during the summer. The Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

An accredited early childhood program meets rigorous quality standards and is highly equipped. Accredited programs adhere to strict guidelines on safety and teacher preparation. The NAEYC standards ensure the quality of the work environment for children, and result in increased educational attainment and healthier lifestyles. In fact, HSU Children’s Center is one of the few programs in the region to be accredited by the NAEYC.

It is licensed to provide care to 170 children

The University Children’s Center provides licensed and nationally accredited child care and education. We work with families to provide a model of advocacy for children, providing developmentally appropriate programming and fostering a nurturing, respectful environment for all children. We support family and community involvement, promote pro-social behavior, gender equality, and conflict resolution, and promote healthy habits and behaviors. We also work with the local fire department and health department to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all children.

The University Children’s Center provides a variety of child care resources for parents, including a child development and family center. The center has an excellent reputation, being accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and awarded a Gold Circle of Quality by ExceleRate Illinois. NIU is also involved in the local community and offers financial assistance to qualified parents. Licensed child care is an important part of helping families manage their finances, and the Children’s Center helps them do just that.

It is subsidized by the Dependent Care Reimbursement Program

Those with dependent children are eligible for subsidies to pay for the cost of daycare for their children. The program subsidizes the cost of daycare for children under the age of five who are not yet in school. Dependent care expenses include costs for a child’s health care and for the care of a dependent parent who cannot care for their own children.

It employs student assistants as “teachers in training”

The University Children’s Center at the University of Utah aims to provide comprehensive services and affordable child care for local families. Student assistants are employed as “teachers in training” by the Children’s Center. The Center is also home to the University’s Child Development Lab, a unique learning environment that provides a model preschool for children. It also serves as a research and teaching center for University students.

The Center has recently broken ground on a renovation of the historic Trinity Annex, off-campus at 14th and B streets. Renovations will include an expansion of the Children’s Center, a Child Development Lab, and a child-friendly environment. The project is scheduled to be completed in June 2023. The University Children’s Center is committed to employing student assistants as “teachers in training” in all areas of its operations.