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Playgarden Prep

The Montessori-inspired philosophy behind Playgarden Prep focuses on language, socialization, and curiosity, while introducing a variety of subject matter. The school’s philosophy promotes whole-child development, so classes are designed for children ranging from 18 months to four years. Located in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, the preschool offers a variety of programs for children of all ages.

Enrichment centers

If you are looking for the best child care in the city, consider one of the many preschools and enrichment centers in the area. Established in 2007, Playgarden Prep focuses on language, socialization, and curiosity. Children are exposed to a wide range of subject matter, and a Montessori philosophy is employed throughout the program. The center has classrooms that accommodate children ranging from 18 months to four years old.

Enrichment centers allow children to experience a variety of things, from cooking and dance to music and STEM classes. These classes are designed to get children excited about learning and become used to it. Children learn in different ways at Playgarden Prep, including through hands-on learning through play and art. The enrichment classes are complemented with cognitive, physical, and social play to foster a love of learning.

For parents of young children, Playgarden Prep provides the perfect environment for a child’s development. The indoor playground space is 3,000 square feet, and the program includes Enrichment Classes, Playdates, and Socialization. Each pod provides a different activity for children. Learning Pods include activities for Socialization, Physical play, and Early Education. The curriculum includes everything your child needs to develop a strong foundation for school readiness.

Parents can also enroll their children in summer camps. These programs offer structured play, educational lessons, music lessons, and sports, all led by renowned Playgarden Prep teachers and coaches. Additionally, parents can opt for flexible punchard enrollment, so that siblings can attend the same class. They also offer a special summer camp program for children, geared to the needs of every child. There is even an enrichment center for siblings.

Live zoom classes

You can now participate in live Zoom classes at Playgarden Prep in TriBeCa. The Prep is a school founded in 2007 with a proven Montessori philosophy. The philosophy emphasizes language, socialization, and curiosity, while introducing a variety of subject matter. Its classrooms cater to children from 18 months to four years of age. You can also sign up for private classes or schedule a tour to discover the benefits of live Zoom classes.

You can also take advantage of the City Stages Outreach online courses for kids. The program offers over 300 free child-friendly classes each year in libraries throughout the city. The classes focus on African Dancing, Folktales, and Found Object Maskmaking. The program also hosts free online recitals, with prizes and special discounts. You can also take advantage of Atlantic for Kids & Teens’ new Virtual Acting Classes. Your child can learn comedy, camera acting, dance parties, and more through interactive video lessons.

The pre-school offers live Zoom classes for children ages two to four years old. The curriculum is tailored to the individual needs of each child and includes online worksheets, hands-on activities, and individualized learning. Parents can contact teachers directly via email, telephone, or scheduling to arrange a consultation. In addition to the live Zoom classes, you can also enroll your child in educational playdates, which promote social interaction and communication.

Online curriculum

If you’re looking for a Montessori-based curriculum that will help your toddler learn math, science, art, movement, nutrition, and language, you’ve come to the right place. Playgarden Prep’s online curriculum is tailored to young children, ages two to four, and includes live zoom enrichment classes, video lessons from certified teachers, and hands-on activities. With over 1,000 videos, your toddler will be learning with the help of a virtual classroom!

Summer camp

Founded in 2007, Playgarden Prep is a private school that was inspired by the proven Montessori philosophy. The school’s curriculum is designed to encourage language, socialization, and curiosity, while exposing your child to a broad range of subject matter. Its focus on the whole child is reflected in the program’s small class sizes, which range from 18 months to four years. Children ages four and up will attend classes designed for their age range and needs.

The onsite preschool provides structured play and enrichment classes to stimulate the imagination. Music and movement classes are also included, along with other activities. Camp teachers are highly trained and experienced professionals in their respective fields. For those families who are worried about the cost of private tuition, the Playgarden Prep summer camp offers a flexible punchard enrollment plan that can be shared by siblings. The cost range is $850-1000 for six weeks.

The Summer Enrichment Program includes weekly classes taught by professional teaching artists. Kids can choose two classes per day to participate in various activities. These activities range from sports and cheerleading to arts and crafts. Throughout the summer, children can take part in daily Red Cross instructional swims and join in on a variety of exciting activities. Art classes and drama activities are also offered to foster creativity and self-expression.

Playgarden Tribeca is a great place for younger kids to start their summer camp experience. The camp’s indoor playground, zip line, obstacle course, and arts curriculum are great for the younger set. Children will also be fed a delicious organic snack each day. Whether you’re looking for an enriching summer camp or simply a place for your child to hang out and meet new friends, Playgarden Prep is the perfect place for your little one.

Kids ages six and up can enjoy day camps that break into age groups and specialty camps. While most camps have an outdoor component, there is more to it than that. Activities range from sports to fitness, from arts to STEAM programs to cultural experiences. In addition to day camps, some even have a Saturday morning dance workshop for children. Check out the Summer Camp Guide for more information. You’ll also find a list of NYC preschool summer camps and day camps for your child’s age.